Oxymoron Entertainment: Write from Experience

Screenwriters have an uncanny knack for telling a relevant story through the written word.  Oxymoron Entertainment producers read all kinds of scripts throughout the year.  The most effective scripts tell a story written from the screenwriter’s personal experience.  Oxymoron Entertainment projects begin with a great script that is the basis for every subsequent decision.  Filming locations are chosen for the original content that will be the basis of the film.  Oxymoron Entertainment casting directors select acting talent based on the screenwriter’s script.  Characters come to life on the screen since the story is in the script.

Oxymoron Entertainment: Office, Not Party

Many people in the film business enjoy attending parties.  Everyone has a different purpose for being there.  Oxymoron Entertainment producers attend parties periodically like everyone else.  Aspiring actors and screenwriters must realize that these gatherings are not held to create career opportunities.  Discussions about scripts and roles rarely lead to participation in an Oxymoron Entertainment project. Those who want to break into the business should realize the risk of such brash demonstrations.